Awesome Adventures

Kids learn about the natural world by having amazing adventures at exotic locations around the world.

Airs Saturday at 10:30am CT on MyUTV!

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Xploration Outer Space

Each week our host Emily Calandrelli will take viewers on incredible journeys through space that will both entertain and educate. Ever wonder what it would be like to live in space or on a different planet? Watch our host try to perform every day responsibilities while floating in zero gravity. Explore the challenges that come along with living on a different planet as our host lives like an astronaut in a Mars-like habitat.

Xploration Awesome Planet

Xploration Awesome Planet will inspire and educate anyone interested in earth sciences. Host, Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of legendary Jacques Cousteau, brings boundless energy to every location we visit. From magnificent mountains to violent volcanoes, this program takes an in-depth look at the unique and distinct features on planet Earth. We not only visit gigantic glaciers and behold their beauty but also discover why they formed, and how they shaped our landscape. Geological experts share their wisdom with Philippe, as we strive to understand places on the earth, inside the earth, and above the earth.  Airs Sunday at 11 am CT on MyUTV!